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Automating your gate is becoming a required feature to protect your family, home and property. Gate automation is one of the most requested features when we install a new gate for our beloved clients.

If you need to automate your gate, whether you purchased your gate from us or not. Denver Electric Gates installation and automating services are here to assist you. Our licensed gate specialists are fully trained, qualified and can install all types of gate automating kits.

The benefits of automating your gate are:

  • Adding overall value to your property
  • Enhancing the appearance of your property
  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Deterring thieves and burglars
  • Increasing your privacy
  • Protecting your family and pets

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Gate Automating Kits We Install

There are three main types of gate automation systems for electric gates: underground systems, swing gates, and sliding gates.

Underground gate automating kit is designed to be hidden so it doesn’t distract the elegance of your gate. The kit is considered one of the most popular options when choosing gate automating kits.

The kit is ideal for people who want a flawless awe-inspiring gate entrance, as to not blemish the aesthetic of the gate or to properties where there isn’t enough available space for the equipment required. This sort of system has its advantages as they are durable and long lasting and unlikely to be damaged physically or suffer weather damages.

Sliding gate is the most popular option where space and terrain level is restricted, Because of the way they function, sliding gate systems offer extremely high security.

The space and security benefits of sliding gates makes them quite popular for commercial and industrial properties which require long, heavy gates.

Swing gates do exactly as their name implies. They swing open and closed on hinges, much like doors. Swing gates are very Aesthetically pleasing and largely used for properties with a leveled ground area.

Swing gates also work when there is enough room between the entrance and the property to accommodate the fully open gate leafs.

It works by attaching a motor to the wall. An arm attachment is then fitted to the gate and the motor on the wall. This automation system can be fitted to both new gates and existing gates.

Access Control System

Automatic gate systems can be operated in a variety of different ways. Denver Electric Gates offers a wide range of different access control systems to choose from. These systems will provide the extra security and convenience needed for your automatic gate system.

The gate opens when you key in the correct code.

Entry cards are a great choice for commercial buildings and apartment complexes. These durable cards can be stored inside a wallet or pocket. When the card is held next to the card reader, it triggers a release switch that opens the gate.

A fob system works just like a remote control, but the button is on a fob that you can put on a keychain.

This easiest and most popular gate control options. all you have to do is press a button on your remote to open your gate.

A telephone entry system can be combined with other options like keypads and entry cards. With a telephone entry system, you can grant access to visitors and delivery drivers from your phone.

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