6 Tips that help when your automatic gate breaks down

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6 Tips that help when your automatic gate breaks down

It is always an inconvenience when your Automatic Gate breaks down. Sometimes the gate will stop due to a power blackout other times it will be due to a problem with the gate or its automation system. Don’t worry Denver Electric Gates in Colorado are here to help you with your problem.

Here are 6 tips that will help you troubleshoot and locate your automatic gate problems source:

  1. check if your remote control has a fresh set of charged batteries
  2. your gate system is plugged into a weatherproof power point, check the motor lead is properly plugged in and has not been knocked out, also check that power is available at the connection point (example: plug a portable appliance into the power socket and see if it operates). if another electrical device does not operate from this power point the problem may not be with your gate system but more likely with its power supply. (probably a blown fuse)
  3. Inspect the gate for any physical damage (example: if it is a sliding gate and it has come off its track you may be able to lift it back on (please do not lift the gate if it is to large or heavy we suggest waiting for our gate repair technicians).
  4. Some sliding gates are located in garden areas where garden debris, rocks etc can build up on the gate track. Ensure the track is clear of any debris as your sliding gate will stop operating if it senses an obstruction which can be caused by a build up of debris.
  5. If you have a swing gate that is hitting the ground it is more than likely the hinges have collapsed, this will require our technicians on site to replace your hinges and restore to proper order. In this case place your system onto manual using your manual release key and push the gates into the open position.
  6. With all Automatic Gate System whether they stop working due to a power black out or system break down it is important to only push the gate open once it has had the motor released using the manual release key, forcing the gate system without using a manual release key will damage the automation system.

One last tip, when dealing with electrical related mechanism its best to consult with a gate expert, dont hesitate to call us at tel:(720) 792-7444

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Cassie A
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Very friendly and fast, Great personality and humor to make a bad situation feel more at ease. The team of technicians are very pros at their job. Thank you for your services.
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Excellent gate repair service, communication and pleasant attitude. Quick and easy to schedule appointments.
Stacey P
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David has been doing a great job. He like to listen and found the problem right away with his rich professional knowledge. Well done!
Ben S
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Prompt service. Gate opener was fixed in no time. Excellent service!!
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Steve was so professional and knowledgeable. He explained everything to me. Steve did an incredible job. I am more than happy. Thank You!
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Very efficient, respectful of me and my house, yes if need be, will call Denver Electric Gates again.